Me:  Strategic Operations Officer with a wild imagination. (It helps.)
Also Me:  Intel-driven Ops, Mktg, Tech UX Strategist, Producer.
You: Intel? Like the computing chip, Intel Inside?
Me:  Yes. No. Kind of, sure. Intelligence. Market Intelligence. People Intelligence. Situational Intelligence. I see stuff others miss.
You: Oh. Like the kid in the Bruce Willis movie.
Me:  Seriously? You’re dating yourself.
You: Hey, at least I’m dating someone.
Me:  Don’t go there.
You: Sorry.
Me:  Lighten up, I was joking.
You: Oh. Tell me more.
Me:  Visionary, executive, influencer, ally, producer, grunt.
You: Influencer? Millions of people listen to you, you’ll make me famous?
Me:  No. A few key people listen to me and they (maybe) will.
You: Oh. I liked my fantasy better.
Me:  Don’t we all.
You: Ok, really. What could you do for me?
Me:  Lots. I’ve got range, and a network to match.
You: Ugh. I probably can’t afford you.
Me: You’re probably right. Email me anyway.