Planet Aesthetica

Dear Veterans Of The War On Planet Absurdia…

I feel you. Welcome Home. Restore order however you need to. This music, among my favorite, may help.

For when you feel like you’ve done all of this before. Maybe even 57 times but who GAF. Breathe. Listen. Feels good, right? There’s 6 hours of it. Spend all day here if you want.
♪ ♫ ♪

For when you’ve beaten the odds yet again, Mahler’s No2: Resurrection.
Rotterdam Phil under Haitink. And just enough Greek at the beginning to make pretend you’re vacationing on Mykonos. You’re welcome.
For anyone who’s ever battled or even staffed the rumor mill: Schiff’s words on Beethoven interpreter Carl Czerny, “I judge his witness opinion with great caution. He had left us 2 editions about the correct performance of Beethoven’s keyboard works, subscribing all the movements with metronome marks and detailed instructions. These metronome marks are, 20 years later, completely different. I mean, now, which Czerny should I believe? And anyway, rather than listening to witnesses, one should really try to understand Beethoven.”
A love song. For yourself. Keep on keeping on. Because you’re worth it. xoxo